Biloxi Dentist Sues Roofer

Biloxi– A Biloxi dentist, J. Jules Eustice, is suing Pride Roofing LLC, operating as Pride Roofing and Construction LLC, in Harrison County Circuit Court, alleging negligence, breach of warranty, and unjust enrichment. Eustice is seeking a minimum of $60,000 to cover his losses, along with punitive damages, interest, and attorney’s fees.

Eustice signed a contract with Pride Roofing in April 2021 after his downtown dental office’s roof was damaged by Hurricane Zeta in October 2020. He chose Pride Roofing based on the qualifications and experience presented by a company representative, according to the lawsuit.  Pride Roofing is based in Hammond, Louisiana, but is licensed to work as a contractor in Mississippi.

According to the lawsuit, Eustice paid the roofing company $24,000 for an “unfinished and uninhabitable structure.” He instructed the roofers to stop work after a “catastrophic rain event” in June 2021, which resulted in roof leaks that damaged the office’s interior, equipment, flooring, and fixtures. An inspection revealed that the roofer had allegedly tried to conceal leaks and other construction defects, the lawsuit claims. Biloxi attorney W. Mark Edwards filed the suit.

Roof leaks began to appear after roof repair work started, according to the lawsuit. Pride Roofing then determined the roof needed replacement. One of the company’s owners, Alex Martinez, inspected the roof and designed a new one. The design included a hip-like gable to cover flat roof surfaces and accommodated an A/C condenser unit on the roof. Problems appeared where the newly installed roofing system integrated with the old one. The lawsuit states that Pride Roofing lied about obtaining necessary permits and that Eustice demanded that Pride Roofing cease all work until issues were resolved, highlighting “defective workmanship, constant delays, faulty construction, questionable billing practices, and attempts to conceal their defective workmanship.”

biloxi dentist roof lawsuit

Despite the ongoing repairs, leaks persisted. Following the June downpour, Eustice’s insurance company inspected the property, noting the interior damage from the leaks. A restoration company was called to address the water damage, the lawsuit states. Eustice has spent an additional $26,537 to assess the construction issues and make temporary repairs. The dental office was closed for an extended period due to the damage.

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