German Police Shoot Man Wielding Roofing Hammer

FRANKFURT — German police shot at a man who threatened officers with a slate roofing hammer and a Molotov cocktail on the sidelines of a Euro 2024 soccer fan parade in central Hamburg on Sunday, police said.

police shoot man wielding roofing hammer

The attacker was injured in the leg and was receiving medical care but his condition is not life-threatening, a police spokesperson said.

“He apparently tried to set fire to this Molotov cocktail and then approached several people including police officers, and the police officers then had to make use of their firearms,” said Hamburg police spokesperson Sandra Levgruen.

slate hammer

The man is a 39-year-old German, and may have been acting in a state of mental agitation as he emerged from a snack bar brandishing the weapons, police said in a press release. The police investigation is ongoing.

There was no evidence that the man had any connection to the football tournament, Levgruen said, while the motive for his attack was not clear.

“We assume that this is an isolated case, that is, disconnected from football… I don’t see any threat at all or any impact on the game today,” Levgruen said.

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