How Roofing Contractors Can Turn Partial Approvals into Full Approvals

When it comes to storm related insurance claims, partial approvals are going to happen. Some contractors just accept the adjuster’s initial findings and leave thousands or even millions of dollars on the table. Experienced contractors view a partial approval as part of the process and actively work to convert those initially small claims into large, profitable jobs. 

What are partial approvals and what can contractors do about them?

A partial approval is when an insurance carrier only approves replacement for part of the roof and/or siding. If the contractor feels strongly that the job requires a full replacement or additional trades, he or she can submit a partial approval supplement along with supporting documentation to attempt to get approval for a full replacement. 

Let’s say you’ve inspected a 30 square roof and found enough storm damage to warrant a claim. An adjuster may agree that a section of the roof was damaged by hail but will only approve replacement of 5 of the 30 squares. In order to get the other 25 squares approved, you need to determine if the supplement is Product Related or Damage Related. (In our experience, it’s about a 50-50 split.) Both scenarios require additional documentation. 

What type of Documentation do you need?

If the argument is Damage Related, additional damage photos and photos of test squares need to be taken and submitted along with a thorough list of accessories and components not included in the original scope of loss. (This is why you should use your inspection checklist on your inspection!) Some states even have building code requirements that limit the number of repairs that can be made on a roof, like the Florida Building Code 25% Rule. If there is a code requirement in your area, submit that, approval roof

If the argument is Product Related, then you need to include documentation that the shingles or siding are discontinued, unavailable, etc. ITEL reports with the receipt, letters from the supplier, or “do not mix” documentation from the manufacturer should be included with the supplement.   

How many partial approvals should you supplement?

Experienced contractors will know from the inspection if the house has sustained enough damage to warrant a claim. That, combined with proper documentation will allow you to easily know which partial approvals to focus on fighting and which ones to shift to retail jobs if the homeowner still wants a full replacement. 

Should you use a 3rd party supplementing company to process partial approval jobs?

For contractors that are inexperienced with challenging roofing and siding partial approvals or repairs, a 3rd party supplementing company can be a good option. A roofing supplement company will be able to quickly determine if enough documentation exists to move forward. 

Learn more about documentation you should use on every job on Elite’s YouTube channel.