Roof estimates consume a large amount of time and money for roofing contractors.  Many contractors haven’t taken the time to calculate how fuel and time costs factor in to their overall expenses.  With Nearmap, you can take advantage of financial and time benefits with quick, easy roof measurements using high-resolution aerial imagery.

Nearmap can help your roofing company in a number of ways:

Potential Leads

Finding areas to prospect for leads can be time-consuming.  Sending mailers to every house in a particular region can be a huge waste of money if those areas don’t need your particular roof services.

Use Nearmap to quickly research roofs in a region to potentially target with your sales team.  You can check out existing roofs or scope out new construction for potential leads.  Quotes can even be prepared ahead of time right from your office.


Accurate Estimates

Roof estimates can take a lot of time, especially when measure large houses with many hips, dormers, and valleys.  Safety is another factor to consider as the roof often has to be accessed to get proper measurements. nearmap

Use high-resolution imagery to view and measure roofs in order to provide accurate estimates for your customers and installers.  You can get multiple aerial views allowing you to measure roof pitch, area, and height within seconds.

Cloud-based Access

Get your measurements safely on the ground or from your office.  Use your desktop or mobile device to access NearMap’s High Resolution PhotoMaps™ anywhere.  Get the information needed to provide estimates on the fly and get jobs done faster and with less material waste.

Find out more:

Website: Nearmap (Roofers)

Phone: 1-844-463-2762