March 2018

Roofing Job Search

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A few basic considerations when determining if a job is right for you:

Position–  Are you qualified for the position? Do they offer training?

Advancement– Is there room to grow in the company, or is the position static?

Location– How long will the commute be?

Salary– How will you be paid? Hourly, commission, etc.?

Benefits– What type of benefits are offered?  Will they meet your needs?

Retirement– Does the company offer 401k, etc?

Safety– Does the company offer a safe work environment?

Hours– What will your work schedule be like? Is overtime involved?

There are many different types of roofing industry jobs available:

–Roofing Project Manager

–Roofing Foreman

–Roof Laborer

–Roof Installer/Technician

–Roofing Office Manager

–Roof Estimator

–Roofing Sales Representative

–Roofing Marketing Manager

–And much more!


Scam Targeting Roofers

Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada-   At least 3 roofing companies were recently targeted by a fraudulent email regarding a roof replacement.

The companies each received an email that requested an estimate for replacing a roof on a recently sold house.  The sender had an American phone number, and made the claim he got information about the roofing company through Yelp.

There were spelling and punctuation errors in the email. Two of the companies were skeptical, did some research and found it to be a scam.  One other roofer was not as fortunate.

After receiving a complete payment (plus a little extra) via check, the roofer went ahead with the job.  The owner of the house came out to find a crane loading shingles onto the roof.

The scammed roofing company had been asked to return the difference through an email transfer.  The scam works when the individual quickly returns the extra money via transfer before the initial check clears (which it won’t).

Always be skeptical of communications you receive that have odd spelling and grammatical errors, suspicious names and/or email addresses, and unconventional offers such as getting paid and then being asked to return some of the money via wire transfer.

Toronto Roof Repairs – Ontario

toronto roof repairsToronto Roof Repairs has provided superior roof repair services in the Greater Toronto Area for numerous years.

Besides roof repairs, they also offer skylight repairs, vent pipe and flashing repairs, wildlife roof protection, temporary repairs, and more.

The Toronto Roof Repairs team is fully certified, licensed and insured by WSIB.

Toronto Roof Repairs provides 24/7 Emergency Repair Service, free roof inspections, and a 1-year warranty on their work.

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Phone: (416) 247-2769

McGee & Co, The Roof Thatchers

Colin is an award-winning Master Thatcher who started thatching as a teenager in England.

In 1991, Colin founded McGee & Co., The Roof Thatchers in the United States.

Colin and his company have completed both private residential and commercial projects across the United States for zoos, amusement parks, historical sites and more.

All roofs are hand-crafted by Colin and his crew with the finest thatching materials.  A specialty of McGee & Company is water reed thatching, which has a life expectancy of 60 years.

McGee & Co. Roof Thatchers also offers thatching supplies and other products on their website.

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Phone: 845-721-0443