A roofing company can be profitable anywhere in America, but to legally start a roofing business, you must follow the laws for the state you are in.  Each state has specific guidelines you must follow in order to start a legal company and make money in that state.

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Some states require contractors to register.  Registration requirements vary state-to-state.  Some states require every contractor to register, while others only require registration for jobs reaching a certain price point.  Be sure to research your state to find its specific requirements.  Registration links are provided in the individual state pages.

Before starting a roofing company in your state, or before performing roofing work in another state, make sure you are obtaining the necessary permits and licenses, and are properly registered for tax purposes.  This same information will apply to those wishing to start a roof cleaning business, gutter cleaning business, siding installation business, or other roofing-related businesses.