General Contractor Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is the best option for general contractors to cover your business, your assets, and yourself, at a reasonable cost.
Getting contractors the best general liability insurance policy at a low-cost is a specialty at Contractors Liability. All general contractors should at least have a general liability insurance policy when running a contracting business. 
In almost every state, general contractors are required to carry general liability insurance in order to run a legal home improvement business.  You may also need proof of liability insurance in order to pull a permit or register as a general contractor.contractorliability

Many potential customers will not let you start a job without a policy, especially on larger projects. These policies are important because they provide you protection from losses if an accident should occur. It is not worth the risk of not having insurance.

Below, you can contact an agent at Contractors Liability to get a policy that is specifically designed to protect your business. General liability insurance is the best choice for all general contractors, and Contractors Liability can help you find a plan that fits with your needs.


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