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The Roofer’s Helper provides content and resources to help roofers and home improvement contractors.  Our social media accounts help promote roofers and the roofing industry.

Our website gets 15k+ pageviews a month.  A little over 75% of the traffic is US-based.  Our Instagram has 42k+ followers.  30% of those followers are from the US.  Our Facebook account has  5k+ followers.  About 33% of those followers are from the US.  We just started giving some attention to our Twitter account.  It has about 500 followers.

Advertising Opportunities



-Featured page on our website (for 1/year–w/SEO benefits)

-Website sidebar ad

-4 Instagram posts/month

-2 Instagram stories/month

-1 Instagram Story Highlight

-4 Facebook posts month

-4 Twitter posts/month

-Giveaway/poll promotion (if desired)

Website Advertising Banner ad:

Leaderboard or Sidebar

Featured Company Page on our Website:

Includes text, images, and links.

Social media shoutouts: 

Instagram story (including link)

Social media post

Instagram/Facebook/Twitter combo post


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