Roofer Electrocuted and Impaled in Freak Accident

Riverside, CA–  Jade Leitner, a married father of two, suffered severe burns and traumatic impalement injuries in a tragic accident. The incident occurred on Friday afternoon at 5920 Jasmine Street in Riverside.Roofer electrocuted and impaled

The City of Riverside Fire Department reported that at 3:35 p.m., a man, later identified as Jade Leitner by supporters, experienced severe burns and traumatic impalement injuries. Witnesses and supporters shared that Leitner was working on the roof of a local business when he accidentally came in contact with energized power lines. The powerful jolt knocked him off the building, causing him to fall approximately 20 feet and become impaled on a wrought iron fence.

Following the accident, Leitner was rushed to a local trauma center in critical condition. Immediate surgery was performed on Friday to remove the fence from his body, assess internal injuries, and stabilize his burns. A second surgery took place on Sunday.

Leitner sustained burns over 35% of his body, necessitating extensive skin grafts, multiple procedures, constant hospitalization, and monitoring for potential infections. In addition to addressing the burns, doctors are treating injuries sustained in the fall and conducting surgeries related to the impalement.

The unusual accident occurred while Leitner was visiting California from Hawaii to support a friend during a celebration of life for that person’s mother. Leitner, who operates Ka Makani Roofing in Hawaii, is the sole provider for his family. The funds raised through the GoFundMe page are intended to assist with medical expenses and housing in California for the Leitner family.Jade Leitner

A three-month hospital stay in California is expected as Leitner undergoes a series of surgeries and rehabilitation. Despite having insurance coverage, the financial burden remains overwhelming for the family.

One firefighter also suffered minor injuries during the rescue.

The GoFundMe page to support the Leitner family can be found here.

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