Scammers Plant Mealworms on Roofs

Denver, Co — In late April, a series of alleged roofing scammers wreaked havoc in Denver’s Congress Park neighborhood, leaving multiple families with damaged roofs and significant financial losses.

mealworms planted on roof by scammers

Victims reported that the scammers employed aggressive tactics, including planting mealworms in shingles and falsely claiming termite infestations, to deceive homeowners into paying for unnecessary repairs. The ordeal has left residents like John Prout and Jim Ford grappling with frustration and financial strain.

John Prout’s encounter with the scammers began when a man claiming to be a roofer approached his home and handed him a flyer for a company called Uptown Remodeling LLC. Without solicitation, the man and his accomplices began tearing shingles off Prout’s roof and planting worms underneath, alleging a termite infestation. Prout, who had prior experience in home remodeling, grabbed a ladder and climbed onto the roof, only to find the men putting worms under the shingles. When confronted, they claimed the worms were termites. Despite ordering the men off his property, Prout was met with resistance and profanity.

scammers plant worms on roof

Similarly, Jim Ford fell victim to the scam when the same group of individuals offered to repair his roof for free, only to fabricate termite infestation claims and demand exorbitant sums for unnecessary repairs. Ford, worried about severe roof damage, reluctantly paid the scammers, only to realize later that he had been deceived. The scammers, operating under false pretenses and lacking proper licensing, capitalized on the homeowners’ vulnerability and trust, leaving a trail of financial ruin and property damage in their wake. At least one other individual in the neighborhood has also fallen victim, although the scammers used a different company name.

Despite contacting the Denver Police Department, the victims have yet to receive resolution or restitution. The phone numbers and websites provided by the roofers are now disconnected or removed, impeding efforts to track them down. Denver police told CBS News Colorado they were aware of a roofing scam in the city, but could not comment further on an open investigation.