Fall From Broken Ladder Causes Death Of Roofer

Rochester, NY- Roofer, Jason Regatuso, 32, of Mount Morris, New York, has died from injuries incurred after a ladder broke on a jobsite.  Three roofers were sent to Strong Memorial Hospital after a ladder supporting scaffolding broke, causing the men to fall.  The other two roofers were released from the hospital.  Osha is investigating.  More HERE.

Roofer Dies after falling in Hot Tar Kettle

St. Louis, MO. – (this is an update from this original post). Roofer Daniel Madden, 66, has died after being in a coma since August 6, due to falling in a hot tar kettle.  Madden was given a military honors.  Madden was a longtime roofer and Army Ranger veteran.  He was given a military funeral and buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.   More here.