The Catch-All

Roofing Jobsite Protection & Marketing

The Catch-All is a revolutionary new system to protect your job sites from roofing debris and property damage during roof replacement.  The Catch-All offers both Landscape Protection Kits and Gutter Protection Kits.

Each Landscape Protection Kit Includes:

Chute Nets

The Chute Nets are supported by our collapsible support poles to lean against the home, migrating any loose shingles down to the ground nets, safely over landscaping, flowers, air conditioners, grandma’s fountain from Italy, etc.

You’ll never have to move that stuff again.

Reinforced Ground Nets

The ground nets are load-bearing and rip-resistant, with strong handles to make it easy to move leftover trash and nails to your dump trailer.

On top of that, our reinforced ground nets are breathable, keeping your homeowners’ grass from burning in the hot sun!

Landscape Nets

The Landscape Nets are durable and breathable so they protect bushes and plants near the house from all that falling debris.

Collapsible Support Poles

Our easy rise pole system consists of durable fiberglass poles which extend from 6 feet up to 12 feet tall!

Why should YOU use the Catch-All for your roofing company?



Every jobsite is a billboard for your company.


Keep your jobsites clean.


Faster, better clean up–no more picking through landscaping for lost nails and trash.


Keep your profits safe by keeping jobsites spotless and preventing damage to gutters and landscaping.


Don’t waste time cleaning up after your crews.


Happy homeowners = More referrals

the catchall
The Catch-all Landscape Protection System

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