Why Photo Documentation Matters to Your Roofing Business

by Micki Parks

As a roofing contractor, staying on top of jobs, projects, and crews can be overwhelming. And it doesn’t help when you’re dealing with lost documents, unaccountable crews, or weak marketing campaigns. It’s a lot. But what if your crews’ photo documentation process was your marketing? And held everyone accountable? And improved business-client communication? How efficient would that be?

The CompanyCam app embodies that opportunity for contractors. Better documentation encourages clear communication with your clients and crew. Clear communication leads to increased referrals. Increased referrals means organic, effective marketing! Accountability, communication, and marketing all begin with having a thorough process of documentation, and everything else will fall into place.

If your company doesn’t have a photo documentation process, STOP READING and go figure that out NOW. Not only is photo documentation key to obtaining marketing content to promote, it also establishes accountability and transparency throughout your entire business process.

Nailing down an efficient business documentation system will save you time, money, and headaches–promise.  Say goodbye to clutter phone folders, constant email and text streams, missing images, and frustrated clients! Texting clients is a fine short-term solution, but it gets complicated quickly. CompanyCam makes it easy for you!

Follow along below as Jeremy Mauck, owner of Integrity Roofing and a proud CompanyCam user, explains why photo documentation is a deal breaker for roofing businesses.

With CompanyCam, Jeremy engages with clients, communicates with his crew seamlessly, and has reduced company costs significantly.

Here’s the situation. Photo documentation benefits roofing companies in three main ways:

1. Improved Accountability
2. Thorough Communication
3. Marketing Materials: Before and After Photos

Improved AccountabilityIf things go wrong (or don’t!), you have it on record.

Photo documentation, particularly when using the CompanyCam app, means “you can have everybody on the same page,” says Jeremy. Projects tend to have a lot of moving parts (estimates, sales involvement, admin/office work, crew work, client questions, etc.)–with a clear photo documentation process, everyone is in the loop on what is and what isn’t happening.

For example, Integrity Roofing works with a contractor who completes supplements for them. Integrity Roofing employees communicate through CompanyCam using photos, so in this case, Jeremy invites the supplement contractor to join their process. Jeremy is then able to stay updated on the progress through real-time photos uploaded by the contractor. If there are questions or concerns, Jeremy is informed immediately.

Jeremy’s office team needs to see those supplement photos, too. And so does the quality control team! After the supplement photos are in, the quality control team goes to the jobsite to take progress photos and eventually document the after photos of the final product.

This step alone takes accountability to a new level. Is the team making progress? Who is on the jobsite? What still needs to be done? When did they get there this morning? All questions answered on CompanyCam.

Jeremy’s sales team also has access to this documentation. When approached by insurance companies, the sales team can simply select images in CompanyCam, put them into a PDF report within the app, and send it to the companies. The insurance company, as well as Jeremy’s team, has a clear, honest view of what they are (and aren’t) responsible for. Win-win!

Each photo taken on CompanyCam is geo-tagged and time-stamped. There’s no confusion on which crew member was where, at what time, working on which project. All answers are securely stored on CompanyCam. Accountability accomplished!

CommunicationKeep tabs on the crew and keep customers in the loop with visuals.

Using features like the project feed, tags, or the shareable gallery timeline links, photo documentation enhances client-business communication all the more!

Before CompanyCam, Jeremy was using Google photos. He’d build a folder, go to the jobsite, take photos, put a file together, and send it off to the client or carrier. But many carriers couldn’t accept the folders or files because they were encrypted. Either he couldn’t open it, or they couldn’t open it.

Then he’d try sending the images through email. But emails can only send so much. Roadblock after roadblock! “It was a pain in the butt,” he said. It was time for Jeremy to evaluate his team/client communication goals and documentation process.

With a clear, concise, company-wide photo documentation process, there is no more running around. “I used to have to drive two hours out of my way to get pictures. But now, my crew can jump right on CompanyCam, select the photos I need, and send them to me,” Jeremy said. “It’s very easy.”

A few Integrity employees don’t climb the roofs. As Jeremy said, “They’re not on the roofs, but they’re good at selling them!” They stay on the ground while Jeremy and his crew are on the roof taking pictures. They stand with the customer on the ground, showing them real-life, real-time photos from their very own roof through CompanyCam. Let the photos do the talking!

Photo documentation improves crew and client communication. Photos and videos explain context and show progress.

Marketing Materials: Before and Afters photos are a game-changer.

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” And it’s true! Photos and videos tell the whole story. One may be able to question a review of an overjoyed client online, but once photos are involved, the claims become undebatable. Needless to say, photo documentation is marketing’s best friend.

Documenting your work organically creates marketing materials! Taking before photos and after photos of a project is an easy way to show off your team’s abilities. From the rusty old roof to a brand new or significantly improved roof, that Before and After photo is going to blow future customers’ minds. CompanyCam offers several Before and After filters for these photos.

At Integrity Roofing, clients are now fully informed, thanks to their photo documentation process. When the crew arrives and when they leave–there is documentation for that! The progress on the roof–also available for viewing! Before and Afters of their own home–check, check, check!

Another way to help with marketing and referrals is using the CompanyCam PDF reports. Jeremy said, “You go through select pictures, create your PDF, and then you’re able to send it off to clients. To me, it’s great. It’s very easy and simple to do. The whole app is user-friendly!”

PDF reports can demonstrate your professionalism and that you’ve been responsible and thorough in your reporting. This leaves clients pleased and wanting more (ie. they’ll tell their friends!).

The improvement of communication and accountability betters marketing efforts. Clients speak highly of roofing businesses who treated them with respect and kept them informed. Being intentional with your photo documentation will check those boxes.

Photo documentation has “saved [Integrity Roofing] a bunch of money.” And it all comes down to having a solid photo documentation process. Take photos, take photos, take photos–can’t say it enough. Better too many than not enough.

Nailing down a photo documentation for your roofing business will produce positive results, be it stronger accountability, improved communication, or stellar marketing materials–it’s guaranteed.

After reviewing the importance of your photo documentation process, do you think it’s time to give CompanyCam a try? CompanyCam makes life easier for roofers. Jeremy said, “CompanyCam will help you see everything: what’s going on, all your jobs, where your guys are–it’ll help everybody!” With CompanyCam, you can keep your photos organized and saved indefinitely. Every photo is uploaded in real-time! Check out CompanyCam’s unique features!

Sign up for CompanyCam today! It’s free.

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Jeremy Mauck works for Integrity Roofing. Through combining their experience, they have created a company that delivers a quality product coupled with customer service that is second to none.  Integrity Roofing LLC has quickly become the go-to for storm restoration claims in both the Hickory & Charlotte area.  They’d love to be your contractor! Check them out at: https://integrityroofingnc.com