A Sneak Peek into JobNimbus’s 2024 Roofing Report

JobNimbus Peak Performance Report

Are you excited to unlock the secrets of top-tier roofers across the United States? 

Picture gaining insights from roofing professionals who:

  • Rake in over $4 million in annual revenue
  • Have an enviable five-star review rating, and
  • Enjoy profit margins that surpass expectations

Your wait is over! JobNimbus, the foremost authority in roofing software, has surveyed the roofing community to unveil strategies and tactics from these industry giants. JobNimbus is thrilled to present its highly anticipated second-annual report, Peak Performance: 2024 Roofing Industry Benchmarks for Success.

With data from hundreds of roofers, this comprehensive report delves into eight crucial business areas, offering invaluable guidance based on over 40 data points, expert insights, and actionable strategies. It’s your roadmap to propelling your roofing business to unprecedented success.

Today, we’re offering you a sneak peek into some of JobNimbus’s groundbreaking findings, but trust us, this is just scratching the surface.

For complimentary access to the full 96-page report, which includes invaluable data sourced directly from homeowners, simply download Peak Performance 2024 and unlock the secrets to achieving your 2024 business goals.

Roofing Success in 2024: A Glimpse into the Report


JobNimbus’s latest survey shows that residential retail remains the dominant sector in roofing for the second year. Meanwhile, commercial insurance work is the least common.

Consider exploring the insurance sector for less competition since fewer roofers offer these services.


Word-of-mouth marketing emerges as a game-changer, with satisfied customers becoming powerful ambassadors for your roofing business. These referrals are 3–5 times more likely to convert into loyal customers than other leads.

Highly profitable companies have mastered the art of word-of-mouth marketing, with a significant portion—49%—receiving over half of their leads through this channel.


While providing proposals is standard practice, JobNimbus’s survey reveals that a staggering 83% of high-profitability companies opt for face-to-face proposal presentations.


Contrary to popular belief, top-rated roofing companies don’t always prioritize speedy project completion. JobNimbus’s research indicates that five-star businesses often take one to three months to navigate a lead through their production workflow.

Clear communication and accurate expectations are crucial to earning those coveted five-star reviews.

Cash Flow

In a world of diverse payment options, high-revenue roofing companies are embracing multiple payment types to cater to a broader customer base. 

Expanding your payment options can lead to more revenue by reducing transactional friction.


Effective communication is key to successful roofing projects. Companies boasting five-star ratings excel in reaching out to customers via various channels—phone calls, emails, and texts. 

For better reviews, tailor your communication to individual homeowner preferences.

Team & Culture

Staffing challenges loom large in the roofing industry, and sales representatives are in high demand for 2024.

Future Outlook

Roofing professionals have mixed feelings about the industry’s trajectory, with overarching concerns being prevalent.

Dive Deeper into Insights from Industry Leaders

While this sneak peek offers a taste of Peak Performance, the real insights lie in the full 96-page report. Visit the JobNimbus website to download the complete Peak Performance: 2024 Roofing Industry Benchmarks for Success report and unlock the secrets to success in the roofing business.

Take your report data exploration even further with this Peak Performance video of industry experts (Ben Hodson, Jim Ahlin, and Cason Curriden) discussing the strategies and tactics of top-performing roofers. 

Discover how to elevate your roofing business to new heights in 2024 and beyond with Peak Performance: 2024 Roofing Industry Benchmarks for Success.