When starting a new construction business, it can be frustrating trying to come up with a name for your new company.  Here are a few points to consider to help you choose the best name for your new construction company.

-Create a Business Plan for your new Construction Company:  Write down your short and long term goals.   A clear business plan detailing where you want your company to go in the future may help in deciding a business name.

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-Choose a Business Structure:  Sole-proprietorships and Partnerships often are not considered legal entities, and may have less restrictions on name registration.  Structures such as LLC’s and Corporations will have more requirements.

-Choose a Specialty:  What type of construction will you specialize in?  If you are going to focus on renovations, then including words such as renew or restoration may be good to include in your business name.

-Reach a Broader Audience:  If you have a variety of skills, or are not sure which direction your business may go, you may not want to limit your business name to a specialty.   If you want to mainly do renovations, but are also interested in new construction, you may not want to limit yourself by having a business name that customers will only associate with renovations.

-Consider Your Target Audience:  What type of customer is your primary target?  If you are in an affluent area, you should consider a name that will attract the wealthier clientele.  In this case you would stick with a strong general business name, such as using your own name, or using a name that indicates quality and prestige.  If you are in a lower income area, you may wish to choose a name that indicates value or affordability.

-Use Your Own Name:  Do you want your own name in the business name?  “Joseph Johnson Home Renovations”  “Walsh General Contracting”.  Using your own name adds a personal touch that may appeal to customers.how to choose a construction company name

-Use a Simple Name With A Catchy Slogan:  You may also choose a simpler business name and focus on a catchy slogan or tagline that will define your business.  “Quality Home Renovations”, “Sacramento’s Premier Home Builder” or some other phrase can be a tagline associated with your business.  While “John Smith Construction” may not sound too fancy, a tagline associated with your business name can give you a big boost.  You can see how having “John Smith Construction– Your Excavation Expert” on your business card, advertisement, or plastered on the side of your roofing vehicle may have a greater effect than just “John Smith Construction”.

-Choose a name near the front of the alphabet:  You may want to choose a name that would show up alphabetically near the front of the traditional phonebook.  Examples for this would be “ABC Home Builders” or “Apex Contracting”.

-Choose a name that easy to remember:  Using a short simple name that people can remember may be better than a long, difficult-to-spell name.

-Consider the future when choosing your name:  Make sure you are happy with your current name.  Changing it down the road could cost you financially by losing customers, and having to pay for rebranding.  If you think you might want to sell your company in the future, consider how your name would be received by potential  buyers.

-Make sure your business name is legal: After choosing your name, you will need to register with the proper institutions.  You should make sure the name you are choosing isn’t trademarked, or used by someone else in the area.  Registering your business name may not only be necessary on a local level such as with your city, but also with other government agencies for tax purposes.

-Choose a good website address to complement your business name:   While it would be ideal to have your business name as the actual web address (ex. WalshContracting.com), it isn’t necessarily crucial.   You could even choose a web address that reflects your specialty such as “RenovationExpert.com”.  The key with choosing a website name is to keep it easy to remember and easy to spell.  If your website is created properly, customers will have no problem finding you, no matter what the web address is. You can check for website name availability and a FREE domain with web hosting purchase here.