Creative Handyman Business Name Ideas

Handyman Business Name Ideas

A handyman business can be a great source of full or part time income.  If you enjoy fixing things, a handyman business may be a good career choice.  You may choose to work alone, or if you get busy enough, you could hire a crew or even start a franchise.  Remember that as with any business, running a business (paperwork, planning, scheduling, etc.) is often more difficult than doing the actual handyman work.  To be a successful handyman, you will need to be a skilled businessperson besides knowing how to do home repairs.

Coming up with a business name can be frustrating.  Here are a few tips to help you get started, along with a list of names for inspiration:

-You may wish to use your own name- choosing your own name can add a personal touch to your business.

-You may want to attach a location to your handyman name such as “Pinecrest Handyman Services”.  This is only a good idea if you plan to keep your business local, and not expand to other markets.

-Make sure the handyman business name you want to use is not being used by another business in your area.  Some names may also be trademarked. You can get a FREE domain with web hosting purchase and check for website name availability here.

-Choose a name that is easy to spell and easy to remember.

-You may want to add a descriptive adjective to make your business name more impressive.  Some excellent adjectives to use are “Superior”, “Quality”, “Affordable”, “Reliable”, etc.

Make sure you are following all the proper protocol to legally start a business in your area.  Choosing a creative handyman business name is only one part of starting a successful handyman business

Some more tips on choosing a good business name: How To Choose A Business Name

-Get Business Software for your handyman business

Business software will streamline your business before you even start, giving you visibility and control over all your leads, sales, jobs, and tasks from a single program to get your handyman company on the fast track toward growth.

You’ll also be able to create estimates, place material orders, automate the boring (but necessary) stuff, empowering you and your team to finish jobs on time and on budget. Try JobNimbus for Free!

Handyman Business Names

  • Mr. Fix-it
  • Hire-a-Handyman
  • Hire-a-Husband
  • Smith Handyman Services
  • Homeworks
  • Homeworx
  • Neighborhood Handyman
  • Home Maintenance
  • John’s Home Repairs and Improvements
  • handyman business name ideas
  • Inside and Out Home Repairs
  • Home Helper
  • House Helper
  • Mr. Handyman
  • 24/7 Home Services
  • Home and Property Care
  • House Doctor
  • Home Rx
  • Honey-Do Helper
  • House Rescue
  • Speedy Home Repair
  • Reliable Handyman Services