How Much Does Slate Roof Repair Cost?

A slate roof can be not only aesthetically pleasing, but also durable and and long-lasting if properly maintained.  Finding an honest roofer qualified in slate repair is essential in order to have your slate roof last as long as possible.  You will also need a slate repair expert to properly assess your roof and let you know when your slate roof can no longer be repaired, but may need to be replaced.  There are a number of factors that will affect how much your slate roof repair will cost including region, type of slate, roof height and pitch, and amount of slates to be replaced along with other considerations.  Here are five factors that will affect to price of your slate roof repair.

1. The amount of slates to be replaced.

This may sound obvious, but make sure when you are comparing estimates, that you are comparing apples to apples.  Price differences in the estimates simply be because one roofer’s count for slates needing replacement is different from another roofer’s count.

2. The type and/or style of slate being replaced.

There are different types of slate that come from different regions.  A roofing contractor’s cost will be affected by how much the slate needed for repairs will cost.  Slate costs can vary by location and by supplier.  Reclaimed slate may possibly be an option to keep costs down, and is sometimes preferable as it will blend in better with an older roof.

If the slates will need to be cut into a specific design, labor costs may be slightly higher.

3.  Height and pitch of the roof.

The complexity of the roof and how easy or hard the roof is to access may affect the cost of the repair.  Some roofs may require scaffolding, a high-reach, or other additional equipment to complete the repairs that could greatly affect the cost.

4.  Regional factors.

The location of your property can affect your repair costs.  The repair costs in cities and higher income regions tend to be higher than in rural and low income areas.  While a roofer may provide free estimates, travel time may factor into the cost depending on where you are located in the contractor’s service area.

5.  The roofing contractor’s specialty.

Whether the roofer specializes in slate repair or not can possibly be a price factor.  How the roofing contractor plans to do the repairs may also factor into the cost.  Generally, a roofer specializing in slate repair will either use slate hooks, or attach the replaced slate in the seam and then flash the seam with aluminum or copper flashing.  Costs may be higher to properly repair a slate than a roofer that “face-nails” (attaches the slate with an exposed nail), or uses some other means for repair such as roofing cement.  On the other hand, some roofers may use repair methods not recommended and still charge higher prices.

The only way to accurately know what your slate roof will cost to be repaired is to get multiple estimates from honest, qualified slate repair contractors.  You can’t just ask your neighbor what they paid for their roof to be repaired, as your roof may be evaluated differently as detailed by the factors above.  As you have your roof maintained regularly, repair costs can vary not only because of the factors mentioned above, but also because of extreme weather conditions, tree damage or other unpredictable events.