How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Shingle Roof?


Factors Affecting Shingle Repair Costs

Shingle damage can happen a from high winds, a falling tree, a hail storm, or a number of other various and often bizarre ways.  Sometimes the damage is enough to involve your insurance company.  Other times, the damage is minimal, won’t reach your insurance deductible, and can just be handled through a roofing contractor.

There are a number of variables that will affect how much a shingle repair job will cost.  There is not one set price.  Here are some ways that a roofing contractor will come up with a repair cost for your damaged shingle roof:

Extent of the damage

The amount of shingles damaged will be an obvious factor.  Since many roofers have a minimum service charge, you may have to pay the same price for repairing just a shingle or two, as you would for 10 or more, depending on the roofer.

If the roof deck has been compromised, the repair costs will also be affected.  Once again, different roofers will handle a damaged roof deck in different ways.  Some may charge to replace a full sheet of plywood for a small puncture due to a falling tree.  Others may recommend just a spot repair to the deck for damage that small.

If one section of approximately 20 shingles is blown off, a roofer may charge less to fill in that section, than if 20 shingles were randomly blown off across your roof.  Less labor is involved in repairing one section consisting of 20 shingles, than in repairing 20 individual shingles scattered across a roof.

Roof Pitch and Height

The steepness and height of a roof will affect the cost of a shingle repair.  A ranch style house with a roof 10 feet off the ground will most likely get a lower repair estimate than a 3 story steep-pitched shingle roof.  The amount of difficulty to access the damaged area may also increase the repair cost.


In regions with a higher cost of living, you can expect to pay more, while in areas where the economy is struggling, most likely your shingle repair costs will be lower.

Competition/Going Rate

Depending on how many roofers are in your area, you may either benefit with a lower shingle repair cost, or be subject to a higher cost.  Sometimes competition drives prices down, while other times roofers stick to a going rate in the area, or will charge more if they are busy and don’t really need the work.

Materials Cost

Most asphalt shingle roofs are either 25-year 3-tab, or 30-year architectural.  If your asphalt shingle roof consists of a different style, or an odd color, your shingle repair cost may be more.

So, what will MY shingle repair costs be anyway?

Because of the factors mentioned above, it is impossible to give an actual cost that you will pay for a shingle repair.  You can’t trust online articles that show national averages, because there are just too many variables when it comes to estimating a shingle repair.  The national and local averages you find online may be more accurate for full shingle roof replacements, but not for determining how much your shingle repair will cost.

Your best option for finding how much your shingle repair will cost is to get multiple estimates (make sure they are free estimates) from reputable roofing contractors in your area and weigh your options.  Keep in mind that most roofers will have a minimum charge no matter how many shingles need to be replaced.  This minimum charge may range anywhere from $75.00 to $250.00.