How To Promote Your Woodworking Business

As it is with many woodworkers trying to earn a living with a woodworking business, the “fun” part of woodworking is actually working with wood in the shop, while the difficult part is running the business– the paperwork, attracting customers, and other behind-the-scenes stuff.  Getting a woodworking business off the ground can be a slow process.  You will need to market your business effectively if you want to be successful, whether you think it is fun or not.  You need to also make sure you have some great woodworking products to sell.

Marketing can be very expensive.  The last thing you want to do is to waste your time and money using poor marketing techniques in order to get new customers.  There are a number of effect marketing tips and tricks that are low-cost or free, and can help bring in more clients.  Check here for tips on ways to sell your woodworking: How To Make Money Woodworking

Before you pay an arm and a leg to buy a massive billboard or radio ad to promote your woodshop, check out these free or low cost marketing ideas that can help you get more customers:

A Great Website

An attractive website doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.  With some basic computer skills, you can even set up your own website for just the cost of hosting fees. There are even some pretty nice templates that can be used, so you only need to insert text and images.  Your website doesn’t.  Keep it simple.  A home page, an about page, a gallery featuring some of your best work, and a contact page is all you really need.  Your website should be clean and uncluttered for maximum impact on potential customers.   If you want to have more customers visit your website, you will need to have the website set up properly in order to rank high in your local search engine results.  You can get a FREE domain with web hosting purchase and check for website name availability here.

A Catchy Tagline or Logo

A creative tagline or logo associated with your woodworking business name can help personalize your business and attract customers.  You will want something easy to remember and spell. Find out more about choosing a woodworking business name here.

Free Online Listings

There are many local and nationally-based websites (such as Craigslist) that offer free business listings.  Make sure you advertise your business on as many local listings as possible.

Charity Giveaway

Charity auctions are a great way to get positive exposure for your woodworking business while helping a good cause.  Offering one of your products from your wood shop up for auction is a great low-cost (your time and materials) way to advertise.

Prize Drawings

This is a great opportunity that you could offer at your local county fair or community day, or craft fair.  Have people sign up for the prize with their emails.  You could offer one of your products, or a gift certificate to the winner.  You could also choose to offer all contestants a consolation prize such as 10% off a purchase.  You can then use the emails to possibly offer additional promotions later on.

Community Sponsoringhow to get more woodworking customers

Help sponsor a local sports team, or advertise at a community event such as a charity walk.  Sponsoring costs can add up quickly, so weigh your options before verbally committing.  Having your business name fully or partially featured on a shirt or banner can help bring exposure to your business, while also benefiting your community.  Depending on what type of woodworking you do, you could offer one of your pieces as a prize- such as a wooden trophy, plaque, or engraving.

Social Media

If you are just starting out, it is helpful to ask friends and family for help to promote your business.  Become active on as many social media platforms as you can handle including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Craft Fairs

Craft fairs can often be long and frustrating, especially depending on where they are located.  They can also be lucrative, and a great way to promote your wood products.  Local events such as community days often have lower cost vendor tables.

Connect with other businesses.

Become friends with other small business owners in your community.  Use and recommend their products and services.  Get to know other vendors at craft fairs you may participate in. These fellow business owners will be happy to get a recommendation, and will hopefully do the same for you.

Maintain a Blog

A blog is a great way to connect with current and potential clients.  You can showcase your woodworking products while letting others get to know you.

Build an email list

If your past customers and potential clients are willing, you can use their email address to send promotions and to tell about new products.  If you enjoy writing, you may consider creating an email newsletter.  You could include woodworking tips, stories, or include articles from your blog, if you have one.