Woodworking Business Name Ideas

Woodworking Business Name Ideas

Woodworking is a fun hobby that often turns into a part-time or full-time business.  There are many different types of woodworking including woodturning, wood carving, custom carpentry, chainsaw art, woodburning, cabinet making, wood crafts, pallet creations, cnc work, rustic furniture, fine furniture, and more.  Coming up with a creative and catchy business name can be a difficult task.

If you are looking to turn your woodworking hobby into a business, you may want to start here for startup requirements:  How To Start A Carpentry Business.  You will want to make sure you are legally registered, even if you are only planning a part time woodworking business.  You may also want to check out 11 Ways To Promote Your Woodworking Business for tips on attracting customers.  Check here for tips on ways to sell your woodworking: How To Make Money Woodworking.

Below are a few tips to help in choosing a name for your wood-related business along with some examples of woodworking business names.

-Using your own name adds a personal touch that will appeal to many customers.

-You may want to use a prominent feature in your area (such as a river or mountain) as part of your business name.

-Animals and flowers make interesting names.

-A play on words can create a memorable business name.

For more tips on choosing a business name: How To Choose A Business Name

The woodworking business names below are to help in coming up with a name for your own wood business.  Some of these names may be trademarked, or may already be in use in your area.  Make sure you research properly before trying to register your new business name, and before you have marketing materials printed.

Woodworking Business Nameswoodworking business names

Walt’s WoodWorks

The Wood Cart

As The Wood Turns

Seven Trees Woodworking

White Mt. Woodturning


the roofers helper

Marshall Black Custom Carpentry

Beach Carpentry Services

Artisan Custom Cabinets

Firebrand Woodburning

Trabelsi Wood Design

Have Knot Woodworking

Out Of The Woods

Farmhouse Pallets

Soul Sister Pallet Shop

Up The Creek Rustic Decor

Ma’s & Pa’s Carvings

The Cranky Carver

Forest Dweller Artisan

Mountainside Studios