Roofing Marketing Strategies: AdWords and Facebook Ads

by Jabir Mohamed from Roofing Marketing Pros

Are you a roofer that is finding it difficult to penetrate your desired market? Are you on the lookout for strategies that will expand your clientele? You are in luck! This article is tailored to help you achieve your desired marketing goals.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Your business is probably where it is because you are stuck up with the old forms of selling it out; this doesn’t mean that marketing through radio and TV channels are ineffective, it only means that times are changing, and you should find a way to go with the flow.

In a world where the number of internet users is fast rising,you can guess right that a large percent of your prospective clients are online. Digital marketing is simply the fastest way to push your products or services out there. In this article, we will be more particular about two digital marketing strategies that are endorsed by roofing marketing pros to make a make a difference.

They are:

  • Facebook Ads

Statistically, there are over a billion Facebook users. Take a minute to process that. It goes to tell you how much of a large network Facebook is. Some startups, after reading up testimonials about how much of a marketplace Facebook could be, they end up:creating a business page, doing all the essentials but eventually generating an almost insignificant amount traffic. And you know, when there is less traffic,there are fewer leads (prospects of sales).

The notable problem is that your posts aren’t reaching a large audience and also the right crowd. One sure way of ensuring your posts get a wider reach is through paid Facebook advertising.

There is a defined mechanics in which Facebook helps you reach the right audience. Let me give you an example: I was discussing with a friend the other day about my stolen phone; you won’t believe that the next day when I decided to visit my Facebook timeline, I kept on seeing a ton of sponsored ads of phone brands on my news feed.

It was strange but that made me curious to find an explanation to it. Which led me to discover that Facebook uses the different data gotten from users to target ads. It was indeed a shocking revelation. So what all this means is that the sponsored ads   – by virtue of the information gotten – to reach the right audience.

Another great thing about Facebook ads is the call-to-action approaches it uses to make it easier to create leads. These call-to-action approaches can be: Sign Up, Learn more, Download, Contact Us, Watch more etc.; this way, whatever goal you want to achieve with the ad will be easily achieved.

With Facebook ad, you can control: the amount spent on your campaign, the type of audience the ad reaches, the visual representation of the ads etc.

  • AdWords

What is AdWords? This is basically a Google advertising platform that allows advertisers to pay to display their ads on any of the Google networks. And like the Facebook ad, this another Advertising means that is certified to yield results, if used properly.

There is no questioning on how effective it is, because,from statistics culled from Main Street ROI it is revealed that, “Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on AdWords.”

Contrary to the misconceptions peddled about Google ads,you don’t have to break a bank to place your ad on Google. With a specified financial budget, you can run your ads on Google for as long as your budget allows.

On how it works, in the process of setting up your ad campaign on Google, you have to bid for some keywords – in which when these keywords are being inputted by a user, an auction occurs that finalizes the ads that would be shown on the search engine page.

The finalization of which ads top the ad rank (which defines the position of the ad) is a factor of: the relevance of ad to the user’s needs and the quality of keywords used – you have a competitive advantage if you used some key keywords that are relevant to your industry (but you have to also understand that those key keywords have a higher cost-per-click)

On Google AdWords, you have the power to control: when you want you ad to come up (the time), the geographical location you want it to be available to, the type of audience you want it to reach and the device you want your ad to be displayed to – whether mobile or desktop users.

In order to sign up for AdWords and set up your marketing campaign, follow the steps highlighted in this link:

Take a chance with the aforementioned strategies and you will be grateful you did.