Slate Roofing Calculator – Slate per Square / Slate Weight

Need to find out how many slate per square?  (A square is a 10×10 foot section) Use the calculator below.  The answer depends on the length and width of the slate, and also the headlap that is used when installing.  The normal headlap is 3 inches, but this may need to be increased when installing on a lower slope roof.

How much does slate weigh per square?  It depends on the size of the slate.  On average, slate (measured at approximately 1/4 inch thick) weighs between 700 and 800 pounds per square.

slate roof weight

Per square, smaller roofing slates actually weigh more than larger slates and come in at around 800lbs/square while larger slates (12×24) weigh about 700lbs/square.

Slate sizes can start as small as 6×12 inches and be as large as 16×24.  (Some thicker slates can be much larger—and heavier!)

Slate Per Square Calculator

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