Roofsmart Pad Overview

What are Roofsmart Pads?

Roofsmart Pads were designed by a veteran roofer to both help protect roofing tiles from damage and help keep workers safe.  Roofsmart Pads are constructed with ABS plastic and a 1.5 inch foam pad.  Each Roofsmart Pad measures 24×40 inches and weighs about 14 lbs. Additional accessories including a ladder brace (for ladder stability and gutter protection), steep step, and utility box are also available.
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How do Roofsmart Pads work?

The large surface area combined with the thick foam cushion spreads weight evenly over the roof surface to help prevent roof damage. The foam cushion on a Roofsmart Pad grips into rough surfaces to prevent the pad from slipping.  The ABS plastic shell attached to the cushion provides a strong, stable surface for walking, sitting, and storing materials. 

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Who are Roofsmart Pads for?

Roofsmart Pads aren’t just for roofers.  They are ideal for anyone accessing a roof including painters, handymen, solar installers, siding installers, satellite dish installers, pest control, masons, chimney sweeps, general contractors, and more.

What types of roofs do Roofsmart Pads work on?

Roofsmart Pads can be beneficial in protecting from roof damage on most types of roof including tile, slate, shingle, metal, cedar, and flat roof systems. For steeper slopes, use the included tie-off points to help hold the pad in place, especially on metal, tile, or slate roofs with smooth surfaces. 

The Roofsmart Pad can also work as a non-slip base for ladder use on the ground or roof.

Are Roofsmart Pads safe?

Roofsmart Pads are VERY safe, but only if used as intended. The Roofsmart Pad is not intended to replace other safety practices. Fall protection should always be used when accessing a roof.  Tie-off points are integrated into the Roofsmart Pad to be used for additional safety.

Are Roofsmart Pads durable?

The top shell of the Roofsmart Pad is made with durable ABS plastic.  The 1.5 inch foam pad that contacts the roof surface is thick enough to provide long-lasting protection.

Do Roofsmart Pads really work?

Yes!  Roofsmart Pads effectively spread weight evenly over the roof surface to help prevent roof damage.  The Roofsmart Pads are also excellent for holding tools and materials and keeping them from damaging the roof.  When used on rough roof surfaces at a safe pitch, they will help prevent workers and roofing materials/tools from slipping off the roof.

How can I purchase Roofsmart Pads?

Roofsmart Pads are available in contractor packs of various quantities and can be purchased directly from their website.