The Best Roofing Tools

Here is a small list of some of what The Roofer’s Helper’s considers the best roofing tools:

The Stortz Medium Duty Slate Ripper

Slate Ripper

My Stortz slate ripper has lasted over twenty years.  It is a great tool not only for slate repair, but also for shingle repair and tile repair.  I can’t see any roofer effectively removing slate without one of these.  I have also used the heavy duty version, but I prefer the medium duty.

The Stortz Slate Cutter

slate cutter

This Stortz slate cutter is very well built and makes cutting slate a breeze.  It also has a built in punch that works great even for thicker slates.


Bostitch Twin Blade Utility Knife

bostitch dual blade knife

I love being able to to have both a straight blade and a hook blade available for instant use in the same knife.  My knife has lasted almost 5 years so far with no issues.

Malco A1 Scratch Awl


This scratch awl by Malco is very sturdy, and perfect for punching holes in slate.  I also use it to pre-punch a hole in roof deck when the wood is so hard, the nails are bending.  The bright orange color is helpful when I drop the awl off of the roof and have to find it in the bushes.

The Shingle Eater


I am not a fan of asphalt shingle roof tear-offs, but when I have to do one, I really prefer The Shingle Eater.  I have tried a number of other shingle removal tools, but I like the strength and leverage I get with The Shingle Eater.

Foam Cushion (any brand)


A foam cushion, either purchased new, or recycled out of an old couch, is a great “tool” for roof repairs.  It is especially helpful on steeper sloped asphalt shingle roofs.  It is amazing how well the foam grips into the shingles.  Foam cushions have allowed me to safely work on slopes I would not normally be able to work on.  A few added benefits are the cushion protecting the roof from scuffing, and providing extra comfort.