Roof Tile Calculator – Tiles per square

Need to find out how many roof tiles per square?  (A square is the equivalent of 100 square feet) Use the calculator below.  The answer depends on the length and width of each tile, and also the headlap that is used when installing.  The typical headlap is 3 inches, but this may need to be increased when installing on a lower slope roof.  When calculating how much tile you’ll need for a project, don’t forget to add additional tiles for waste!roof tile calculator

This calculator will show how many roof tiles you will need for a tile roof installation. The calculator should work for most types of flat, non-interlocking roofing tiles including ceramic tiles, terracotta tiles, concrete tiles, slate, composite, synthetic, and more.  For barrel, Spanish, interlocking and other types, check with the manufacturer.

Roof tiles Per Square Calculator

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