Perma-Boot Review

Perma-Boot is produced in the USA and offers a permanent roof vent leak repair and prevention solution that takes no tools to install and is guaranteed for the life of your roof. Perma-Boot installs in minutes and is made of high impact plastic that is UV protected and will not deteriorate over time, unlike traditional

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Abracadabra Contractor Strength Super Cleaner Review

Abracadabra Contractor Strength Super Cleaner was created by Industrial Potion exclusively for roofing industry-specific use. Abracadabra dissolves and removes roofing tar, adhesive, asphalt, sealants, grease, uncured polyurethane foam, and all sorts of stains. Abracadabra Contractor Strength Super Cleaner helps clean tools, equipment, masonry, metals, siding, vinyl, pvc, other plastics, fabrics, ceramics, fiberglass & more! In

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Tamko Titan XT Shingle

THE ROOFER’S HELPER QUICK LINKS ROOFING SOFTWARE LIABILITY INSURANCE BECOME A ROOF INSPECTOR FIND A ROOFER JOIN 700K+ ROOFING FANS ON OUR SOCIAL ACCOUNTS Instagram Facebook Tiktok Youtube Linkedin Twitter The Titan XT™ is  Tamko’s new architectural/dimensional-style shingle and is part of the Tamko Heritage Proline™ .  The Titan XT has an array of features not

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Types of Roofing Hammers

Even with the innovation of pneumatic roofing nail guns, hammers are still necessary in roofing.  There are many different shapes and sizes of hammers available, each with different specific functions.  For residential roofing, four styles of hammers are mostly used.  What type you use depends on what type of roofing you are doing.  Asphalt shingles,

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Top Shingle Manufacturers

Top Asphalt Shingle Manufacturers in North America There are many options when trying to choose the best asphalt shingle for your roof.  Each manufacturer has numerous types of shingles that vary in style, color, features and lifespan.  Shingle reviews will vary greatly, and accurate rankings can be difficult to find. Negative reviews are not always

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