Free Roofing Company Logos

Below is a collection of free roofing and construction-related design elements that can be used for your personal company logo. These basic designs were created exclusively for The Roofer’s Helper and are offered here royalty-free.  Any image may be modified for your own use.  The current image file size will be fine for a website header.  Check here if you need some tips on logo and branding design.  

Roofing Company Logo Design

A logo and branding for your roofing company doesn’t have to be extravagant, nor do you necessarily have to spend a lot of money for one.  While you may have an idea for a logo in mind, make sure you choose a good business name first.

Poor marketing materials can portray a low-quality company.  Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by using sloppy advertising.  Like the expression goes, “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”.  Don’t confuse simple and basic with poor and sloppy.  There is a big difference.  Some of the nicest roofing logos I have seen use a strong basic font for the business name.  The “artwork” is a simple A-frame roof line over top of the name.  Find some free basic sample roofing logos here.  

Here is some food for thought on deciding on a logo and branding for your company:

  • Logos often portray the personality of the business or business owner.  What will your logo and branding say about you and your company?
  • Sometimes a customer only has a split-second to see your business name.  Logos and branding can be so fancy and intricate, that it is hard to see what the name of the company is.  Is your logo/branding so busy that your name gets lost in the imagery?
  • In most cases, your company will not be a worldwide brand like Apple or Pepsi.  A logo for a small company would serve better to complement your business name, than to attempt to be your business name.  In other words, make sure your business name is prominent in your logo and branding.  Major companies have spent millions (or billions) of advertising dollars to make sure you recognize their logo/symbol, even when their business name is nowhere to be found.  Imagine how much money you would need to invest in your region so that your logo would be the face of your business.  It is not worth the expense.  What is more important: your business name, or your fancy logo?
  • Don’t make your business name too small, use difficult-to-read fonts, or try to cram too much information (services offered, etc.) in your branding.  I was guilty of this.  I had yards signs made that were packed with so much information, they couldn’t be read by a passing car.  Oops! Will your logo be easily readable on all marketing materials, including t-shirts, business cards, yard signs, etc.?
  • A well-chosen tagline can often be very memorable and attract positive vibes toward your business.  The tagline could be integrated into your logo, or used separately on your marketing materials.  Do you have a memorable tagline?

These are just a few tips you can use when deciding on your logo.  A professional graphic designer should be able to give you multiple options to choose from when deciding on your branding.

Setting up a Roofing Website

One of the most important parts of marketing in this digital age is having an internet presence.  There are a number of ways to have your business show up on the web, but a website is one of the most important.  A website will give your business credibility.  This is the same credibility that having a Yellow Pages listing used to have.

You can choose to hire someone to build your roofing website, or you can tackle the project yourself.  If you are thinking about trying to set-up your own website, here are a few basic steps:

The first step in getting a website is selecting a domain name.  This can sometimes be trickier than it seems, especially if numerous roofers around the world have your same business name.  Instead of “”, you may have to add additional words such as a location “”, or choose some other catchphrase such as “”.  You will want something easy to remember.  The domain name is important, but not nearly as important as the content of your website, so don’t lose too much sleep over deciding on it.

The next step is choosing a web host provider.  This is the company that will host your website. Your web host can also help with the domain name an may include it for free in a hosting package.  You can get a FREE domain with web hosting purchase and check for website name availability here.

Next, you will need to choose the type of website you want.  The WordPress platform is popular, and has a relatively easy learning curve (compared to learning HTML and CSS code).  There are many templates available that allow you to simply plug in your information, hit “publish”, and you are online!setting up a roofing website

Your next step is inserting the content onto your site.  You don’t necessarily need a logo, but if you have good logo, it will help the appearance of your site.  Some important pages to have are and “About” page, a “Services” page, and a “Contact” page.  You really don’t need much more than that.  In fact, you could really set up a 1 page website including all the necessary information that would be adequate.

Information you want to include on your page should include: service areas, email and phone contact information, services you provide, and any other useful information (years in business, specialties, etc.)  Keywords are important in your content.  It may seem obvious, but make sure your actual business name, location and other important information are included, and spelled correctly.  If not, your website may suffer in Google rankings when someone is searching for your services.