Using a Drone For Roof Inspections and Roofing Estimates

Drones have rapidly increased in popularity over past few years.  Recently, roofing companies have started to take advantage of this valuable technology.   A drone can provide valuable insights when estimating and inspecting roofs.

drone used for roofing
A drone can be a great tool for your roofing company.

With thermal imaging attached to the drone, possible leaks and insulation/air leak issues can also be assessed.  Some companies are starting to offer technology for drones that includes measurements, allowing you to get accurate roof measurements from the air.

Before purchasing a drone and flying it over a customer’s house, be aware of the laws in your area, and the risks involved.  You may want to check with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to make sure you can legally use a drone in your area for roofing purposes. The last thing you want to happen is to be slapped with a fine for an air space violation, or be accused of invasion of privacy by a paranoid neighbor.  Drones can also crash.  An injury to a person, or damaged property is a possibility.

The negatives aside, if you follow proper procedures and laws in your country and locale, a drone can save you time, and money.  It will also provide you with the information you need to give your roofing customers accurate estimates and inspections.