Equipment And Tools Needed For Roofing And Roof Repairs

The roofing equipment you will need for your new business will vary, depending on what type of roofing systems you will be installing, and what type of repairs you will be performing.  It is generally recommended to start with basic roofing tools, and then add specific equipment needed when new jobs require it.  I made the mistake early on in my business of buying a number of roofing related gadgets that I ended up never using.  It is much wiser to buy tools as you go, and let new jobs pay for them.  If you are sure of what type of roofing you will be doing, below is a basic list of tools and equipment you will need (this list is basic tools only- no materials).  The Roofer’s Helper’s personal tool recommendations are here.

Basic equipment and tools for any roofing job

– ladders, chicken ladder (roof ladder), tool belt, hammer, utility knife, tape measure, chalk line, flat pry bar, scratch awl/punch, gloves, safety equipment

Specific equipment for various roofing applications

shingle ripper for asphalt shingle repair
Shingle Ripper

Asphalt Shingles:

For installation- Hammer, tool belt, utility knife, tape measure, nail gun, hose, air compressor, ladder jacks, roof jacks, shingle remover (for tear-offs)

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For repairs- hammer, shingle ripper (a long, thin pry bar could also work), pry bar


For installation and/or repairs on slate roofs: hammer (regular, or slate hammer), tool belt, tape measure,

slate cutter for slate repair
Slate Cutter

slate cutter, slate ripper, scratch awl/punch, ladder jacks, roof jacks, chicken ladder (roof ladder)

Slate Ripper for slate roof repair
Slate Ripper

Terracotta Tile:

For installation- hammer, tool belt, tape measure, wet saw or angle grinder with masonry blade, ladder jacks, roof jacks

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For repairs- hammer, tool belt, tape measure, wet saw or angle grinder with masonry blade, slate ripper

EPDM Rubber:

For installation and repairs on rubber roofs: gloves, utility knife, tape measure, roller

Modified Bitumen:

Installation and repairs on torch-down and cold adhesive flat roofs: utility knife, tape measure, gloves, trowel, squeegee


Installation and repairs on metal roofs: hammer, tool belt, tape measure, metal brake (for certain jobs), snips