How To Start A Seamless Gutter Business

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Starting A Gutter Business

A seamless gutter company can be relatively easy to start, and turn into a good source of continual income.  The most important part of starting any business is the initial planning.  After the planning, you’ll need to register your new gutter business to make it legal.  Then, you’ll need to get busy marketing, in order to build your business. For some gutter business name ideas:  Gutter Company Name Ideas

Planning your Gutter Business

There are a few different angles to look at when considering starting a gutter business. Installation of gutters only– If you are just starting out, and don’t have cash for a seamless gutter machine, or if you simply would rather not have a gutter machine, you could just run a gutter installation business.  There are numerous gutter companies that will come on-site to produce gutters for you at your specifications.  Simply get their price ahead of time, add your labor and expenses, and then give your quote to the customer. Fabricate seamless gutters only– You could choose to invest in a seamless gutter machine, and offer your services to roofers and other contractors.  Roofing and construction supply houses could also provide business for you as they often outsource custom gutters. Fabricate and install seamless gutters– You may wish to purchase a gutter machine, fabricate and install for your own gutter business, AND fabricate seamless gutters for other contractors.  This is most likely the best option if you want to produce a full time income and have a profitable gutter company.  Keep in mind, you may need/desire to purchase multiple gutter machines to accommodate different size gutters.  Gutter machines are expensive, so it may be wise to start with just one.  5 inch gutters are pretty standard, and there may be plenty of residential and commercial gutter projects in your area to justify having just one machine. Gutters and…???- Maybe your area won’t sustain a full-time gutter installation business, or maybe you want to offer more than just gutters.  Some popular business options are gutter guards/leaf guards, roofing and gutters, siding and gutters, gutters and windows, gutter cleaning, gutter repairs, all of the above, or even some other type of home improvement service.

Startup Costs

Some more obvious startup costs to calculate and consider are: -Vehicle and or trailer to house the gutter machine -Gutter machine and all gutter installation tools (this could get expensive, depending on what type of machine you choose) -Ladder rack -Ladders -Scaffolding stage (catwalk) – this is optional- you could just use ladders -Liability insurance- Required by most states- GET A FREE QUOTE -Health insurance (if you plan to be self-employed)how to start a gutter business -Vehicle insurance -Taxes -Marketing -brochures, business cards, yard signs, website, etc. -Employees -don’t forget workman’s comp insurance, and health insurance

Choosing a name

You’ll need to decide what name you’ll have for your gutter business.  If you are definitely planning to offer additional services, you may not want to limit your name to just include the word “gutter”.  You may wish to expand it with terms like “home services”, “and more” or specific words that will define your business. For some gutter business name ideas:  Gutter Company Name Ideas

Registering your Gutter Business

Below, you will find links to register your new gutter business in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.  The links were created for roofing contractors, but will apply to any home improvement contractor.

How to Start a Gutter Business in the United States

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How to Start a Gutter Business in Canada

How to Start A Gutter Business in the UK


There are a number of ways to market a seamless gutter business.  A quality website and social media accounts along with a free Google business listing are a great place to start. You may also want to use yard signs and vehicle/trailer wraps.  Make sure your advertising isn’t too cluttered. Name, phone, and website should be easy to read.  One source of leads that may be worth checking out is with roofing and construction supply warehouses.  Let them know you are available to fulfill any custom gutter orders they may receive.  You could also contact roofers and contractors in the area (without spamming) and offer your services. Other great ways to build your business are good communication, good customer service, and offering a good quality product.  If you do these things, you should have no problem building a profitable gutter business.